"Giovanni and Jacqui engage the audience with their animated voices, fun singing, and kind storytelling skills.  Gio's books have a beautiful, heartfelt message that allows kids to feel comfortable with who they are and how special our differences make us."

-Nora, librarian

"Gio is a fantastic story teller! “Bubbies-Babies” conveys a strong message of inclusion for all and does it in a way that is relatable and creative for all ages!"

 -Rose, children’s hospital

"My kids love Bubbies-Babies!!. They sing the theme song all the time. The characters are fun and colorful and the message is spot on. Thanks Bubbies-Babies. Best book ever!"

-Jacqui, mom of two kids (4yr & 7 yr old)

"Bubbies-Babies is the best new children's book series!"

-Denise, grandmother 

"Bubbies-Babies has a powerful message of connectedness and diversity presented in a creative way that kids can understand! It's one of my child's go to choices before bedtime!"

-Joel, father